Kamsky is US Champion

Kamsky played the solid but slightly passive Slav-Grünfeld system and was always slightly worse. Shulman however found it hard to progress with his bishop pair against Kamsky's excellent defensive technique.

Kamsky took Black with less time (25 minutes against Shulman's one hour) but with draw odds and put up a staunch defence to hold out and thus become the new US Champion.

1GM Yuri Shulman (6.5)26130.5-0.5GM Gata Kamsky (6.5)2702

Naturally the extra $5,000 dollars will come in handy but the title is just reward for his efforts in St.Louis.


Gata Kamsky $30,000 and the title of US Champion 2010.

Yuri Shulman $25,000 and second place.

Kamsky previously won the championship in 1991!

You can find additional information on the official tournament site.

In particular the majority of photos used in my articles on the US Champs eminate from there.

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