Kamsky and Shulman tie for first.

It's not quite over yet! Draws in the final games from the 'quad' final leave Shulman and Kamsky ahead of their rivals with a play-off 'armaggedon' game in prospect to decide the title. Nakamura and Onischuk share third.

The last games in the quad final were hard-fought draws:

1GM Yuri Shulman (6.5)26130.5-0.5GM Gata Kamsky (6.5)2702
2GM Alexander Onischuk (5.5)26990.5-0.5GM Hikaru Nakamura (5.5)2733

So the final points tally in the Quad Final is as follows:


GM Gata Kamsky 2702$25,000
GM Yury Shulman 2613$25,000

The winner of the play-off game tomorrow takes an additional $5,000 dollars plus the title of 2010 US Champion.


GM Hikaru Nakamura 2733$12,500
GM Alexander Onischuk 2699$12,500

In the Challengers swiss Shabalov came out on top with a last round win, and he thus takes the fifth prize.

Stripunsky has to settle for sixth.

The places and prizes were as follows:

The Final standings in the Challengers Swiss:

Six points:

GM Alexander Shabalov2585$10,000

Five-and-a-half points:

GM Alexander Stripunsky 2570$7,500

Five points:

GM Varuzhan Akobian2599$5,560
GM Larry Christiansen 2578$5,560
GM Robert Hess2590$5,560
GM Ben Finegold2539$5,560
GM Alex Yermolinsky2528$5,560

Four-and-a-half points:

GM Joel Benjamin 2565$4,300
GM Gregory Kaidanov2577$4,300
GM Jesse Kraai2492$4,300
IM Irina Krush2455$4,300

Four points:

GM Jaan Ehlvest2591$3,750
GM Ray Robson 2569$3,750

Three-and-a-half points:

IM Levon Altounian2454$3,450
GM Vinay Bhat2547$3,450
GM Melikset Khachiyan2539$3,450
GM Aleksandr Lenderman2598$3,450

Two-and-a-half points:

GM Dmitry Gurevich 2488$3,100
GM Sergey Kudrin 2571$3,100
IM Samuel Shankland2507$3,100

Shabalov had a storming finish to overtake the field in the challengers event and earn himself ten thousand dollars.

Shabalov analyzes with Kamsky @ official site.

You can watch the games live and can find more information on the official tournament site.

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