Kamsky and Almasi in Reggio Emilia.

Gata Kamsky beats Zoltan Almasi in the last round to catch him on points and finish first on tie-break.
The biggest surprise was Michele Godena's 2700+ performance, maybe a career best?

The Hungarian Zoltan Almasi won three in a row from rounds six to eight, and was close to winning the tournament alone. However in the last round he had to face Gata Kamsky with Black, not an ideal situation, and the American was able to win.

The top four were no doubt happy with their performances, as they all gained rating points, noting that the Italians Caruana and Godena took third and fourth places.

I will be commenting on some of the games, so expect a selection in the notable games section tomorrow, subscribers only!

RankingTitle and NameCountryRating12345678910TotalPerformance
1GM Gata KamskyUSA2695*1½½1½½½116.52782
2GM Zoltan AlmasiHUN27040*½½1½11116.52781
3GM Fabiano CaruanaITA2652½½*½½111½05.52700
4GM Michele GodenaITA2537½½½*½½1½½15.52713
5GM Baadur JobavaGEO269600½½*½1½½14.52615
6GM Konstantin LandaRUS2664½½0½½*0½½142576
7GM Viktor BologanMDA2692½00001*11½42573
8GM Eltaj SafarliAZE2592½00½½½0*1142584
9IM Sabino BrunelloITA250700½½½½00*132511
10IM Daniele VocaturoITA2500001000½00*1.52364

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