Ju Wenjun wins the big Chinese clash

Nadezhada Kosintseva © official site
The leader overcame Hou Yifan with Black to continue her excellent run. Her closest challenger is Nadezhda Kosintseva who also won, whereas her sister Tatiana lost out to Marie Sebag.

It's unusual for Hou Yifan to lose two games in a row, but the World champion has already demonstrated shaky form in recent months.

Four decisive games from five, makes day six the most blood-thirsty round so far. Dronavilli Harika has finally broken her run of draws!

The summary of round 6:

White Elo Result Black Elo      
Nana Dzagnidze  2537 ½-½ Zhao Xue 2470      
Nadezhda Kosintseva 2560  1-0 Anna Zatonskih 2522      
Hou Yifan 2575  0-1 Ju Wenjun 2515      
Marie Sebag 2510  1-0 Tatiana Kosintseva 2557      
Dronavalli Harika 2513  1-0 Zhu Chen 2485      

The standings after six rounds:

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