Jobava keeps winning!

Baadur Jobava now has seven points out of eight after his win over top seed Zoltan Almasi. What a great tournament he is having! Three players are on his heels, Ivan Sokolov and Ian Nepomniatchi who both won today along with Zahar Efimenko.
Monika Socko has been caught by Viktorija Cmilyte in the Women's event.

Both players on six points, Jobava and Efimenko, had the advantage of playing with the white pieces, however they were floating down to the highest-ranked players on 5.5. Before the eighth round there were two on six, nine on 5.5 and 37 players on 5 points.

Here are the results on the leading tables.

Efimenko only drew but Jobava won yet again!

1GMBaadur Jobava (6)GEO26951-0GMZoltan Almasi (5.5)HUN2720
2GMZahar Efimenko (6)UKR26400.5-0.5GMVladimir Akopian (5.5) ARM2688
3GMIan Nepomniachtchi (5.5)RUS26561-0GMErnesto Inarkiev (5.5) RUS2667
4GMAlexander Riazantsev (5.5)RUS26600-1GMIvan Sokolov (5.5)BIH2638
5GMRauf Mamedov (5.5)AZE26390.5-0.5GMDenis Khismatullin (5.5) RUS2657
6GMFrancisco Vallejo Pons (5)ESP27080.5-0.5GMBojan Vuckovic (5.5)SRB2630
7GMPavel Tregubov (5)RUS26250.5-0.5GMSergei Movsesian (5)SVK2709
8GMNidjat Mamedov (5) AZE26230.5-0.5GMDavid Navara (5)CZE2708
9GMAlexander Motylev (5)RUS27050.5-0.5GMViorel Iordachescu (5) MDA2621
10GMRobert Markus (5) SRB26180.5-0.5GMMichael Adams (5) ENG2704
11GMEvgeny Vorobiov (5)RUS26160.5-0.5GMEvgeny Tomashevsky (5) RUS2701
12GMEvgeny Alekseev (5)RUS27000.5-0.5GMZbynek Hracek (5)CZE2615

Note Sokolov's win with Black, which means he will play with White tomorrow.

In the Women's tournament, after seven rounds, there was one player on six points, six on 5.5 and thirteen on five.

The European champion will almost certainly come from one of these twenty players.

1GMMonika Socko (6)POL24650.5-0.5GMPia Cramling (5.5) SWE2523
2IMYelena Dembo (5.5) GRE24570.5-0.5GMAntoaneta Stefanova (5.5) BUL2555
3IMViktorija Cmilyte (5.5) LTU24851-0GMKetevan Arakhamia-Grant (5.5) SCO2447
4IMAnna Muzychuk (5)SLO25331-0WGMLilit Galojan (5.5) ARM2380
5IMEva Moser (5) AUT24370-1GMTatiana Kosintseva (5) RUS2524
6IMMariya Muzychuk (5) UKR24440.5-0.5GMMarie Sebag (5) FRA2506
7IMMarina Romanko (5) RUS24090.5-0.5IMLela Javakhishvili (5) GEO2500
8WGMNatalia Zhukova (5)UKR24921-0IMIweta Rajlich (5) POL2459
9WGMAnastasia Savina (5) RUS23910-1GMHoang Thanh Trang (5) HUN2487
10IMAlmira Skripchenko (4.5) FRA24560-1IMNino Khurtsidze (5)GEO2434

The leader Monika Socko had White and down-floated to veteran contender Pia Cramling. The game was drawn which gave a chance for her closest rivals to catch her up, one of whom managed to do so.

After Sunday's games, two players share the lead on 6.5 points, Monika Socko along with Viktorija Cmilyte who overcame Arakhamia.

On six points there are eight players including several of the top seeds.

More information on the official tournament site

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