Jobava earns silver and Monika Socko gets bronze.

Jobava downed Timofeev with the Black pieces to claim the silver medal.
In the Women's event Monika Socko had to win two matches to earn her place on the podium.

Following the game online, I felt that Timofeev would win the return game, but ultimately the rook ending led to a draw and Jobava was home and dry for second place.

TitleNameCountryRating1st Game2nd GameFinal RankingPrize in Euros
GMBaadur JobavaGEO269510.52nd15000
GMArtyom TimofeevRUS265500.53rd11000

Some of the other players had different priorities i.e. qualification to the lucrative World Cup. The eight lowest placed qualification candidates (on tie-break) had to play a preliminary round. This is what happened:

GMVlastimil BabulaCZE25540.
GMZbynek HracekCZE26120.

Civil war with Babula winning the so-called Armageddon game!

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GMYuri DrozdovskijUKR262711
GMVladimir BelovRUS261900

Tight on paper but Drozdovskij was the most inspired.

GMDavid NavaraCZE27080.51
GMDavid HowellENG26120.50

The favourite endured, but the young Englishman has had a good run in Rijeka.

The battle of the Davids!
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GMSergey Volkov RUS26120.50.500.5
GMGabriel SargissianARM26750.50.510.5

Again the higher rated player won.

Sargissian beat Volkov over four games.
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The thirteen (officially called the second round)qualification matches all had a decisive result in the first series of games! Seven of the defeated players won back the second games thus forcing a pair of Blitz games.

Four of these hotly contested matches even went to the Armeggedon game (where White has five minutes, but must win against Black's four minutes).

GMDavid NavaraCZE270800.5
GMSergei MovsesianSVK270910.5

Movsesian drew first blood in the battle of the 2700s and went through after drawing the second game.

GMGabriel SargissianARM2675100.50
GMRauf MamedovAZE2639010.51

Mamedov had a wonderful tournament up to here and wasn't giving up without a fight. He won back in the second of two long drawn out games and then took the tie in the fourth.

GMYuri DrozdovskijUKR262710.5
GMIvan Sokolov BIH263800.5

Drozdovskij won his third rapid game in a row today, before drawing out for qualification.

GMVlastimil BabulaCZE255410.5
GMNikita MaiorovBLR251000.5

Babula was warmed up by his tight match against Hracek.

GMEvgeny VorobiovRUS261610011
GMPavel TregubovRUS262501100

The first all-Russian tie. Tregubov had the longest match in Khanty Mansysk against Akobian (19 games!) which he lost, so this must have felt like history repeating itself!

GMVadim ZvjaginsevRUS264310011
GMVladimir Akopian ARM268801100

Akopian was on first board in the last round and yet did not qualify! However when the match gets down to the Armeggedon game anything is possible!

GMBojan VuckovicSRB263001010
GMFerenc BerkesHUN265910101

The Serb was amongst the leaders midway through the tournament, but losing the first game didn't mean he had to give up on getting in the 23. However he finally went down in the Armeggedon game.

GMAthanasios MastrovasilisGRE25117.500
GMStelios HalkiasGRE25807.511

There were only two Greek players in contention and of course they had to play!

GMVladimir PotkinRUS26067.511
IMRobert HovhannisyanARM24987.500

So no IMs amongst the qualifiers.

GMLiviu-Dieter NisipeanuROU266110.5
GMDenis KhismatullinRUS265700.5

Nisipeanu is more experienced in big matches, that may have made the difference.

GMErnesto InarkievRUS266700.5
GMEvgeny AlekseevRUS270010.5

The second all-Russian clash.

GMBartosz SockoPOL263710011
GMEmil Sutovsky ISR265001100

A good day for the Socko family!

GMBoris GrachevRUS266710.5
GMIgor KurnosovRUS267400.5

Finally, the third Russian battle.

Here are the players who had a more restful day and a wallet full of Euros:

RankingTitleNameNationRatingPointsprize in euros
1GMIan Nepomniachtchi RUS2656920,000
2ndGMArtyom Timofeev RUS26558.515,000
3rdGMBaadur Jobava GEO26958.511,000
4=GMIgor Lysyj RUS261585,714
4=GMZahar Efimenko UKR264085,714
4=GMArman Pashikian ARM265285,714
4=GMZoltan Almasi HUN272085,714
4=GMEvgeny Tomashevsky RUS270185,714
4=GMIvan Salgado Lopez ESP259285,714
4=GMMaxim Rodshtein ISR260985,714

Women's championship

The knock out competition to determine the bronze medal started with the two lower ranked players playing a preliminary round.

WGMNatalia ZhukovaUKR249200
IMYelena DemboGRE245711

So Dembo then had to play Monika Socko in the next round:

Socko-Dembo, second round tie-break.
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GMMonika SockoPOL24650.51
IMYelena DemboGRE24570.50

Socko has been in good form throughout.

GMMarie SebagFRA250610.5
GMTatiana KosintsevaRUS252400.5

Sebag has been playing better as the tournament progresses.

Tatiana Kosintseva against Marie Sebag
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So Monika Socko and Marie Sebag (who drew in the final round) then played their match for the bronze medal.

GMMonika SockoPOL246511
GMMarie SebagFRA250600

Nothing against Marie Sebag, but Socko had the higher performance in the main event (2595 against the French lady's 2555) and was leading for much of the event, so she somehow deserves the bronze medal.

Now an apology is required! In fact the information I gave earlier was false as the regulations claim that '22' qualify. In fact the number would seem to be 23 for the men (unless someone has already qualified) and is much lower (I estimate 14, but there is no convincing information anywhere!) for the Women's event and indeed even here the players on 7.5 (not those on 7) were battling it out for places.

I was not the only one to be misinformed by the error on the official site, but it just goes to show that you shouldn't trust everything you read!

In any case here are the players that have definitely qualified before the play-offs!

RankingTitleNameNationRatingPointsPrize in euros
1GMPia CramlingSWE2523910,000
2IMViktorija CmilyteLTU24858.58,000
3=GMMonika SockoPOL246586.5k or 3625?
3=GMMarie SebagFRA250686.5k or 3625?
4=GMTatiana KosintsevaRUS252483625
4=WGMNatalia ZhukovaUKR249283625
4=IMYelena DemboGRE245783625
8=GMAntoaneta StefanovaBUL25557.51,500
8=IMAnna MuzychukSLO25337.51,500
8=IMNadezhda KosintsevaRUS25547.51,500
8=IMMariya MuzychukUKR24447.51,500

There were three play-off matches, the first being won by the Russian, giving that major chess country four qualifiers in all.

IMEkaterina KovalevskayaRUS243810.5
IMNino KhurtsidzeGEO243400.5

The second result was a surprise especially after the result of the first game.

WFMNastassia ZiaziulkinaBLR21880111
IMAlmira SkripchenkoFRA24561000
Skripchenko against Ziaziulkina
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The young Belarus girl (14 or 15?) has had a remarkable tournament with a performance of 2543, and has gained 75 rating points!

IMIweta RajlichPOL245910.5
IMAnna UsheninaUKR245200.5
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A good day for the Poles in general.

More information on the official tournament site

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