Jobava and Efimenko again!

A two-horse race is emerging with Jobava and Efimenko both winning to get them to 5.5/6.
In the ladies event Monika Socko continues her great form with another win and now leads alone.

As time goes by, the lower rated players tend to be pushed aside by the top seeds making their way towards the front of the peloton.

So it's perhaps no surprise that after five rounds, the leading 27 players were all Grandmasters, 3 being over 2700, 18 in the 2600s and only six in the 2500s.

In terms of nationalities there were seven Russians within half-a-point of the lead.

In the following table the majority of the players had four points before today's sixth round. The exceptions being the top two boards and Motylev (on 3.5) who floated up.

1GMArtyom Timofeev (4.5)RUS26550-1GMBaadur Jobava (4.5)GEO2695
2GMZahar Efimenko (4.5)UKR26401-0GMLiviu-Dieter Nisipeanu (4.5)ROU2661
3GMEmil SutovskyISR26500-1GMZoltan AlmasiHUN2720
4GMFrancisco Vallejo PonsESP27080.5-0.5GMVadim ZvjaginsevRUS2643
5GMMichael AdamsENG27040.5-0.5GMIvan SokolovBIH2638
6GMArkadij NaiditschGER26910-1GMBojan VuckovicSRB2630
7GMIgor KurnosovRUS26740.5-0.5GMViorel IordachescuMDA2621
8GMRauf MamedovAZE26391-0GMAlexander AreshchenkoUKR2670
9GMConstantin LupulescuROU25980.5-0.5GMKiril GeorgievBUL2669
10GMEmanuel BergSWE25940.5-0.5GMErnesto InarkievRUS2667
11GMAlexander RiazantsevRUS26601-0GMSamvel Ter-SahakyanARM2513
12GMGergely-Andras-Gyula SzaboROU25250.5-0.5GMDenis KhismatullinRUS2657
13GMIan NepomniachtchiRUS26561-0GMHrant MelkumyanARM2582
14GMAlexander Motylev (3.5)RUS27051-0GMNikita MaiorovBLR2510

As the table demonstrates, decisive results on the top two boards leaves Efimenko (Ukraine) and Jobava (Georgia) ahead on 5.5/6. The players on five points are Almasi (Hungary), Vuckovic (Serbia), Rauf Mamedov (Azerbaijan) and then a couple of Russians Riazantsev and Nepomniachtchi.

Artyom Timofeev lost with White.

In the Women's standings after five rounds four of the top fourteen are rated more than 2500.

In the table below, three players had 4.5 (before today's round), whereas the other 11 had 4/5.

1GMMonika Socko (4.5)POL24651-0GMTatiana Kosintseva (4.5)RUS2524
2GMKetevan Arakhamia-Grant (4.5)SCO24470-1GMAntoaneta StefanovaBUL2555
3IMMariya MuzychukUKR24440.5-0.5IMNadezhda KosintsevaRUS2554
4IMEkaterina KovalevskayaRUS24380.5-0.5IMAnna MuzychukSLO2533
5IMViktoija CmilyteLTU24851-0IMSvetlana MatveevaRUS2373
6WGMAnastasia SavinaRUS23910.5-0.5GMNana DzagnidzeGEO2479
7IMAnna UsheninaUKR24520-1WGMLilit GalojanARM2380

The five Russians had a poor day (+0=3-2) and after the round Socko (5.5) leads from Stefanova, Cmilyte and the underdog Galojan, all on 5 and none of whom are Russian!

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