Jan Timman is 60!

Jan Timman (photo by Paul Van der Sterren)
The Dutch GM, and former World No.2, has turned 60-years-old today. Once known as an openings pioneer, he has in recent years been closely involved in endgame studies and analysis, which explains why New in Chess have organized a endgame study tournament to commemorate his 60th birthday.

Senior competitors had better watch out! Jan Timman will be available next year and could consider adding the World Veterans title to his impressive CV.

Jan Timman was born on the 14th of December 1951 in Amsterdam.

He became the Netherlands' third GM (after Max Euwe and Jan Hein Donner) and has been nine times Dutch Champion.

Apart from competing on several occasions in the World Championship Candidates series, he was also the best non-Soviet player for a long period between the late seventies and early nineties.

Before Garry Kasparov came on the scene, he was even World No.2 behind Anatoly Karpov.

His recent book demonstrates quite clearly one of his main preoccupations:

The Art of the Endgame:

My journeys in the magical world of endgame studies

(Jan Timman, New in Chess)

This is, at the moment, the top seller in the influential New in Chess shop!

Today, New in Chess (with whom Jan Timman continues to be closely involved) has today announced a composition tournament with prizes, which will be judged by Jan Timman himself. There is no rush, composers have until the end of June to enter their work!

More information: www.newinchess.com

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