Ivanchuk wins the Capablanca memorial for the fourth time.

After victories in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Vassily Ivanchuk added a fourth title.
He kept his one point lead after drawing comfortably in the last round.
Four wins and six draws earnt him the first prize plus thirteen precious rating points.

Ivanchuk's called upon his experience to find the right line to reduce losing chances to a minimum. He chose a steady line of the English where he induced an early exchange of queens, and with a symmetric structure the minor pieces followed. The draw was inevitable and kept him ahead of his main rival.

WhiteRatingCountryResultBlackCountryRatingNo. movesOpening
Vassily Ivanchuk2741UKR0.5-0.5Ian Nepomniachtchi2695RUS18English opening
Leinier Dominguez Perez2713CUB1-0Evgeny Alekseev2700RUS55Catalan opening
Nigel Short2685ENG1-0Lazaro Bruzon Batista2668CUB48Sicilian Najdorf

Those lines of the Sicilian Najdorf involving 6.Bg5 are generally considered to be some of the sharpest theoretical lines around. This game however was a quiet manoeuvring game where theory wasn't important! White's advantage consisted of the fact that castling was always going to be a delicate operation for Black. Bruzon delayed this until move thirty (when he had ran out of useful manoeuvres) but his monarch still came under pressure. Bruzon survived for a while, but Short won a pawn and kept up a decisive attack on Black's king even after simplification.

Dominguez won his first game after a temporary piece sacrifice in the early middlegame led to Alekseev having the most vulnerable king. The Russian gave up a pawn to activate in the queen and rook pseudo-ending, but Dominguez carefully consolidated before reverting to a direct attack to finish the game.

PositionNameCountryOfficial RatingHighest ever RatingVirtual Rating before HavanaWorld rankingAgeFinal points tallyRating change
1stVassily IvanchukUKR27412787272612417+13
2ndIan NepomniachtchiRUS2695Actual269542196+11
3rd-4thLeinier Dominguez PerezCUB27132721271328265.5+3
3rd-4thNigel ShortENG26852712268348455.5+8
5th-6thEvgeny AlekseevRUS27002725271137293-20
5th-6thLazaro Bruzon BatistaCUB26682677266863283-15

So the positions remain the same after the final round.

In terms of rating points, Ivanchuk's gain more-or-less negates his recent dissappointing performances.

Nepomniachtchi goes above 2700 for the first time.

Alekseev loses this status after a poor result.

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