Ivanchuk looking good for third

Vassily Ivanchuk
Vassily Ivanchuk beat his compatriot Ruslan Ponomariov and is now leading their 3rd-4th place play-off, with the prize of a place in the next Candidates cycle. In the match for the title, Peter Svidler took a no-risk draw to maintain his lead against Alexander Grischuk.

The final:


World Rank

White Country Rating Result Seed/ World rank Black Country Rating Opening details  
9/16 Peter Svidler (1.0) RUS 2739 0.5-0.5 6/9 Alexander Grischuk (0.0) RUS 2746 Sicilian Najdorf  

The 3rd/4th play-off:


World Rank

White Country Rating Result Seed/ World Rank Black Country Rating Opening details  
4/8 Ruslan Ponomariov (0.5) UKR 2764 0-1 2/7 Vassily Ivanchuk (0.5) UKR 2766 Queen's Gambit Vienna  

A win for either Peter Svidler or Vassily Ivanchuk tomorrow will be decisive in their respective matches.

For more information go to the official site: http://chess.ugrasport.com/

Live games: http://chess.ugrasport.com/?cat=12

If you want to follow the live games then note the following:

The local starting time is 3pm and 3pm Khanty Mansiysk = 11am Paris = 10am London = 5am New York = 2am Los Angeles.

All the photos today are from the official site.

The total prize fund is of $1.600.000 (about 1.100.000€):

First round losers win $6.000 (about 4.100€);

Second round losers win $10.000 (or roughly 6.900€);

Third round losers win $16.000 (or 11.000€);

Fourth round losers win $25.000 (or 17.000€);

Fifth round losers win (Quarter-finals) $35.000 (or 24.000€);

Sixth round losers win (Semi-final) $50.000 (or 34.500€);

Losing finalist $80.000 (or 55.000€);

The winner receives $120.000 (or 82.500€).



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