Ivanchuk forges ahead!

Another win by runaway leader Vassily Ivanchuk places him on 4/5, a point ahead of Nigel Short who also won with the black pieces yesterday.
The unbeaten Dominguez is in third place.

Nigel Short was in his element in murky complications arising from an obscure line of the French Defence. He soon obtained a strong kingside presence in compensation for White's queenside majority. Later Black's kingside pawn phalanx won him the game where at the end Short won with rook (and strong pawns) against two bishops.

This is noteworthy as yesterday, against Alekseev, the Englishman was on the winning side with the bishop pair against a rook!

Ivanchuk played the Caro-Kann, and Nepomniachtchi ventured the controversial 3.f3 - a line with which he has recently been successful. Vassily was ready and reacted by rapidly opening the centre with ...c5, thus accepting an isolated pawn, but safe in the knowledge that White also had weaknesses. Black's development was always the more harmonious and he converted his advantage in a pseudo-ending where both sides had queen and knight.

WhiteRatingCountryResultBlackCountryRatingNo. MovesOpening
Ian Nepomniachtchi2695RUS0-1Vassily Ivanchuk2741UKR54Caro-Kann
Evgeny Alekseev2700RUS0.5-0.5Leinier Dominguez Perez2713CUB42Neo-Grünfeld
Lazaro Bruzon Batista2668CUB0-1Nigel Short2685ENG49French McCutcheon

In the other game, Alekseev tried to keep his nominal pull alive, but Dominguez defended solidly before inducing the drawish exchange of all the queenside pawns.

So no losses in the first half for Dominguez, but no wins either!

PositionNameCountryOfficial RatingHighest ever RatingVirtual Rating before HavanaWorld rankingAgePoints after 2 rounds
1stVassily IvanchukUKR27412787272612414
2ndNigel ShortENG26852712268348453
3rdLeinier Dominguez PerezCUB27132721271328262.5
4th-5thIan NepomniachtchiRUS2695Actual269542192
4th-5thLazaro Bruzon BatistaCUB26682677266863282
6thEvgeny AlekseevRUS27002725271137291.5

Short has bounced back from his first round loss by winning two in a row. He now moves ahead of Dominguez who has drawn all five games so far.

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Nepomniachtchi: Vassily's latest victim.

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