Ivanchuk and the Ukraine charge on!

After six rounds of the Open event, Ukraine have caught Georgia and Armenia in the lead, helped to a certain degree by Ivanchuk's amazing 5/5 on top board including a win today against Leko.
On the other hand, in the Women's event Russia (1) beat Ukraine and are now sole leaders.
See the latest videos below.

In Monday's sixth round wins by Ivanchuk and Eljanov (over Polgar) saw Ukraine down the Hungarian team, whereas Armenia and Georgia drew their match.

On a lower board, England's victory over Norway included a win by Michael Adams over World No.1 Magnus Carlsen.

England v Norway: Three draws and a loss by Carlsen!©chessanytime.com

As for individuals go, Nils Grandelius of Sweden is alone on 5.5/6, although both Ivanchuk and Pantsulaia (Georgia) both have 100% with 5/5.

CountryMatch pts.Game points.Board 1Other notable scores
Georgia1119.5JobavaGagunashvili 4/5 Pantsulaia 5/5!
Ukraine1118.5Ivanchuk 5/5!Eljanov 4/5 Efimenko 5/6
Armenia1117Aronian 4/5Pashikian 5/6
Russia 21018.5Nepomniachtchi 4/5 Tomashevsky 4/5 Timofeev 4/5
Azerbaijan1018MamedyarovMamedov 4/5 Guseinov 5/6
Poland1018WojtaszekMacieja 4/5 Miton 4.5/5
USA1017Nakamura 4.5/5Kamsky 4/5
Russia 11016.5KramnikKarjakin 4.5/5
Brazil917.5LeitaoDiamant 4/5
Belarus917.5S.ZhigalkoTeterev 4/5 Stupak 4/5
Iran916Ghaem MaghamiToufighi 4.5/5
Cuba916Dominguez Perez
Spain916ShirovAlsina Leal 4.5/5
China916Wang Yue
Russia 3914.5Jakovenko
Netherlands914Van WelyAnish Giri 5/6

A better day for the Russians, but tomorrow's seventh round will feature a Russia 1 v Russia 2 encounter!

Here are the videos to watch! Courtesy of Europe Echecs.

In the Women's section Russia 1 beat Ukraine and are now the only team to have managed six straight wins. Hungary are in second place after trouncing Poland 4-0.

Two players have managed 5.5 points: Danielian of Armenia and Melia of Georgia, whereas Fuchs of Germany has 5/5.

CountryMatch pts.Game points.Board 1Other notable scores
Russia 11217.5Tatiana Kosintseva
Hungary1118Hoang Thanh TrangMadl 5/6 Vajda 5/6
Georgia1018.5Dzagnidze 4.5/5Melia 5.5/6
India1018HarikaSachdev 4/5 Karavade 5/6
China1017.5Hou Yifan 5/6Ju Wenjun 5/6
Ukraine1017.5LahnoGaponenko 4/4 M.Muzychuk 4/5
Serbia917BojkovicStojanovic 5/6
Armenia917Danielian 5.5/6
Germany917Paehtz 4/5Fuchs 5/5
Uzbekistan917MuminovaSabirova 4/5, Nodirjanova 4/5, Tokhirjanova 4/5
Russia 2915PogoninaBodnaruk 4.5/5
Switzerland914.5HeinatzSeps 4.5/5

More tomorrow!

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Vladimir Tkachiev (France) chatting with the regulars in the smoking room! © chessanytime.com
Wesley So (Phillipines)©chessanytime.com
Dmitry Jakovenko (Russia 3)©chessanytime.com
Pavel Eljanov (Ukraine) won today.©chessanytime.com
Alisa Galliamova (Ukraine)©chessanytime.com
Anna Zatonskih (USA)©chessanytime.com
Monica Socko (Poland)©chessanytime.com
Salome Melia (Georgia) has 5.5/6 ©chessanytime.com
5/5 for Levan Pantsulaia ©chessanytime.com

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