It's not over yet!

A final day of quicker time limits will be required to decide the 2009 champion.
Gelfand kept the tension and tried to exploit his slight space advantage by opening the kingside, but then realised it was going to be risky and proposed a draw.
The play-off, starting with a series of rapidplay games, will decide the champion tomorrow.

The World Cup will not be won in a classical game. All four games are drawn, so rapid games and even Blitz will eventually decide who wins this year.

The classical games were all fairly balanced with neither participant really demonstrating that they were the stronger.

Name (seeding)CountryRatingAgeClassical game 1Classical game 2Classical game 3Classical game 4
Ruslan Ponomariov(7)UKR2739260.
Boris Gelfand(1)ISR2758410.

Here is a summary of the finalist's records so far:

NameCountryRatingAgeClassical winsClassical drawsClassical lossesRapid winsRapid drawsRapid lossesBlitz winsBlitz drawsBlitz lossesOverall winsOverall drawsOverall draws
Boris GelfandISR275841510146011010131
Ruslan PonomariovUKR2739262140651---8151

So Ponomariov could become World Cup champion after winning only two classical games!

More details are available on the official site

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