It's 64 without a fight

Six quick draws between ShSM-64 and St.Petersburg have left the former on the verge of the championship.

I am sure that those responsible have their own very good reasons for organizing a tame 3-3 draw, but it's not exactly a great advertisement for team chess. What was the idea from St.Petersburg's point of view? I presume that it was decided that they were unlikely to win by a big enough score to overtake their rivals, but still, it isn't chess is it?

Pre-round rankingTeam (White on odds)ResultPre-round rankingTeam
1ShSM-643-32SPb Chess Fed
3Economist-SGSEU-13.5-2.56Chigorin Chess Club

Eljanov (Economist 1) lost at the beginning of his game on a technicality (did his telephone go off? or, was he just late? we'll no doubt find out in a day or so) and this put pressure on his team-mates. Two of whom eventually won, Wang Yue and Tomashevsky to ensure a narrow win over Chigorin Chess Club.

Here are the standings after round 8, with tomorrow's game remaining.

RankingTeamELO averageMatch pointsGame pointsTop board
1ShSM-6427001431.5Boris Gelfand 2750
2Economist-SGSEU-127041230.5Wang Yue 2749
3SPb Chess Fed27001229.5Vasily Ivanchuk 2748
4Yugra26891026.5Alexander Grischuk 2756
5Ural2618925.5Ian Nepomniachtchi 2656
6Tomsk-4002687826Ruslan Ponomariov 2737
7Etude-Contact2555622.5Igor Khenkin 2597
8Chigorin Chess Club2584619.5Ildar Khairullin 2617
9Economist-SGSEU-22548316.5Alexander Kovchan 2595
10BelGU2493012Alexander Ivanov 2481

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