Indian Summer in Paris

Arun Prasad
The annual Paris Championships took place from the 2nd to the 10th of July. The top section was won by Arun Prasad who finished ahead of several higher-rated players. Sergey Fedorchuk and Ruben Felgaer were half-a-point behind on 6.5/9.

The event attracts many from far afield and is the biggest summer chess festival in France.

The top section had 51 participants (2200 upwards), but the majority of the players were in lower category events: Open A (220 players), Open B (260 participants) and the Open C (another 100).

Rank Title Name Elo Country Points Tie-break Perf.
1 g ARUN PRASAD S. 2489 IND 7 39 2688
2 g FEDORCHUK Sergey A. 2618 UKR 6,5 43 2647
3 g FELGAER Ruben 2573 ARG 6,5 39,5 2604
4 g PANCHANATHAN Magesh Chandran 2556 IND 6 44 2599
5 m ARNOLD Marc T 2445 USA 6 42 2572
6 f SOCHACKI Christophe 2358 FRA 6 40,5 2631
7 g SETHURAMAN S.p. 2529 IND 6 40,5 2538
8 g GULIYEV Namig 2549 AZE 6 38 2538
9 m BATTAGLINI Gabriel 2407 FRA 6 36 2541
10 m ROSER Kevin 2446 FRA 6 30,5 2425
11 g DAVID Alberto 2609 LUX 5,5 39,5 2502
12 m KALEGIN Evgenij 2477 RUS 5,5 34 2380

FM Christophe Sochacki obtained a GM norm for this performance, and finished as the leading Frenchman.

Another Frenchman, Christopher Debray, achieved his third IM norm.

Detailed results can be obtained from the official site:

France has been gripped by an alleged cheating scandal in recent months, which may have influenced the organizers to stop transmitting the games live. Naturally they wanted to avoid all potential suspicion that a player could be receiving information illegally from a third party during the games.

It's a shame that it has come to this, but until chess tournaments are equipped with devices to detect all electronic transmissions, then other organizers may make the same decision, to the detriment of chess fans who enjoy watching games live.

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