I cannot enter into the game zone

- I cannot enter into the game zone

It is helpful to clearly define the type of problem that you are having.

Is it a display problem?

Does the game screen appear? Or does the display remain blank?

If nothing appears, you probably will have to download or update the latest version of the Flash plugin to run the application properly. Download link:


Is it a connection problem?

Note the error message that appears.

Here are the most common error messages:

* Connection closed: It means that your computer is unable to connect to our server:

1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet (try to surf a web page to test the connection or refresh the page that you are currently browsing)

2. Check the rules of your firewall (Refer to the documentation for your firewall software). The connection should be allowed to outbound ports 443 and 843.

            * Your subscription has expired: Make sure to renew in order to instantly regain access

            * Login banned: Your account is suspended. Contact an administrator to find out the reason.

            * Your IP address is banned from connection: due to an abuse and whatever it is, your username and your connections is banned.  Contact an administrator to find out the reason.

            * Too many active connections under your IP address: Too many connections are being used under your IP address.

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