How is Elo calculated and when does it change?

Two Elos are calculated. One is "tactic" Elo and the other is "battle" Elo. They are calculated by using the Glicko system.

Tactic Elo: A tactic Elo is calculated after each exercise but only during the first round. If you redo the same exercise later on, it will not result in a change of Elo.

This calculation is done in practice mode and also in mix mode or battle mode.

The calculation is based on:

- the resolution time

- the number of errors

Each puzzle has been evaluated by us and has received an Elo. Just as how the Elo of a player is calculated against a real opponent, we evaluate the Elo of a player compared to the difficulty of the puzzle.

A win is calculated if the puzzle is solved within the reference time (maximum 30 seconds per move) and if no errors are committed.

A draw is calculated if the puzzle is solved within the reference time and that only one error is committed.

A defeat is calculated in all other cases (reference time exceeded and/or the number of errors are greater than 1).

Battle Elo: It is calculated after each battle, after comparing the scores of the two players. The highest score is awarded the win and the other the defeat. In case of equal scores, it is a draw.

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