Hou Yifan is No.2

Hou Yifan
The Chinese women were in great form in 2011, and now have three women in the World's top seven. Hou Yifan is up to second place, with Ju Wenjun sixth and Zhao Xue seventh. Anna Muzychuk had an incredible tournament in Porto Carras and is now fourth, hot on the heels of Humpy Koneru.

On the January list World Champion Hou Yifan is now World No.2, overtaking Humpy Koneru who has been out of form in recent months. Anna Muzychuk is at her highest ever level, will she be the next 2600+ female player?

Rank Name Title Country Rating
 1  Polgar, Judit  g  HUN  2710
 2  Hou, Yifan  g  CHN  2605
 3  Koneru, Humpy  g  IND  2589
 4  Muzychuk, Anna  m  SLO  2580
 5  Lahno, Kateryna  g  UKR  2557
 6  Ju, Wenjun  wg  CHN  2552
 7  Zhao, Xue  g  CHN  2551
 8  Kosintseva, Nadezhda  g  RUS  2537
 9  Dzagnidze, Nana  g  GEO  2535
 10  Stefanova, Antoaneta  g  BUL  2523
 11  Harika, Dronavalli  g  IND  2516
 12  Kosintseva, Tatiana  g  RUS  2513
 13  Sebag, Marie  g  FRA  2512
 14  Gunina, Valentina  m  RUS  2510
 15  Zatonskih, Anna  m  USA  2506
 16  Cmilyte, Viktorija  g  LTU  2503
 17  Chiburdanidze, Maia  g  GEO  2500
 18  Socko, Monika  g  POL  2499
 19  Cramling, Pia  g  SWE  2491
 20  Danielian, Elina  g  ARM  2490
 21  Khotenashvili, Bela  m  GEO  2490
 22  Galliamova, Alisa  m  RUS  2490
 23  Muzychuk, Mariya  m  UKR  2483
 24  Ruan, Lufei  wg  CHN  2483
 25  Atalik, Ekaterina  m  TUR  2481

Monika Socko looks set to become the next member of the 2500 club, of which there are 17 members at the moment.

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