Hou Yifan first, Kateryna Lahno second

Hou Yifan, back in form © official site
A draw by Hou Yifan was enough to ensure first place in the first Grand Prix of the new series. Tatiana Kosintseva lost to Alisa Galliamova which enabled Kateryna Lahno to obtain second place alone by drawing a complicated struggle against Humpy Koneru.

A summary of the eleventh round:

White Rating Result Black    Rating Moves Opening
Kosintseva Nadezhda 2560 ½ -½ Ruan Lufei  2479  30 English Opening
Elina Danielian 2521 ½ -½ Anna Muzychuk  2538 49 Dutch Leningrad
Ekaterina Kovalevskaya 2427 1-0 Alexandra Kosteniuk 2497 39 Sicilian Rossolimo
Tatiana Kosintseva  2557  0-1 Alisa Galliamova 2492 82 Sicilian Kan
Kateryna Lahno   2536 ½ -½ Humpy Koneru   2614 48 Nimzoindian
Hou Yifan  2575  ½ -½ Antoaneta Stefanova   2524 48 Caro-Kann (Main line)

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