Gelfand and Grischuk Blitz their way to the final

Alexander Grischuk (official site)
After an endless series of draws, Kramnik blundered horribly in the first Blitz game, thus opening the door for Alexander Grischuk to make it to the final. He will be joined by Boris Gelfand who turned his match round after losing the third rapid game, but then winning three in a row gave him his ticket.

Is Blitz the right way for players to qualify in such a prestigious event?

Whatever one's opinion, some way has to be found to find a winner. Neither Vladimir Kramnik nor Alexander Grischuk were able to win in the classical and rapid phases so Blitz it was!

In the decisive game, Kramnik was a pawn down when he blundered, but (as we all know!) with time very limited, anything is possible at Blitz!

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