Fressinet is French champion

Laurent Fressinet won the play-off against Romain Edouard and thus becomes French Champion for the first time.
Catching Fressinet's attention in the photo is a certain Anatoly Karpov, the guest of honour in Belfort.

In order to split the two players who finished in equal first in the French Championship, a pair of rapid games were played. The time limit of 15 minutes (plus an increment of 5 seconds per move) made it fairly rapid as Rapid-play goes!

Rapid game No.WhiteRatingResultBlackRatingOpeningNo. of moves
1Romain Edouard26200.5-0.5Laurent Fressinet2697Queen's Gambit Declined50
2Laurent Fressinet26971-0Romain Edouard2620Grünfeld Defence31

Fressinet finally becomes champion after getting close (but never close enough!) on several occasions.

A unique double this year in that his wife Almira Skripchenko is the 2010 French Women's champion!

After Belfort, the top three French players now have similar ratings.

RankNameAge1/7 Elo'Virtual' Elo
1Maxime Vachier-Lagrave1927232721.1
2Etienne Bacrot2727202715.2
3Laurent Fressinet2826972717.4

So if all results were to count immediately, Fressinet would overtake Bacrot and be only four rating points behind Vachier-Lagrave at the top of the French pecking order.

Although three leading players being so close may seem to be an unusual phenomenon, the same thing is happening with the top three in the Ukraine: Eljanov, Ponomariov and Ivanchuk!

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