France in the hunt!

The youthful French team have won again and have moved up to third place, and take on the Ukraine tomorrow.
Both the Ukraine and Russia 1 were victorious and occupy the first two places.
In the Women's event, Russia 1 scraped home after a tough match against Serbia.

The Ukraine somehow managed to overcome Azerbaijan 2.5-1.5 despite Mamedyarov beating Ivanchuk. Many of the top matches were tight and finished with the same margin of victory. The most notable of these being France beating Georgia with Sebastian Feller again getting the decisive victory (for the third match running!) and Russia 1 (Svidler beat Sargissian) overcoming Armenia.

RankCountryMatch pts.Tie-BreakGame pts.Board 1Other notable scores
1Ukraine16255.525.5Ivanchuk 6.5/8Efimenko 7.5/9
2Russia 115266.523.5KramnikKarjakin 7/8
14Israel14238.524GelfandSutovsky 6/7
5China14233.524.5Wang YueWang Hao 7.5/9
7Georgia1323925JobavaPantsulaia 6/7
8Poland13234,524,5WojtaszekMiton 6.5/8
12Czech Republic1322624,5NavaraBabula 6/7
14Belarus1321924S.ZhigalkoTeterev 7/8
15Serbia1321423.5SedlakIvanisevic 6.5/8

Other players with impressive percentages are Bassem Amin (Egypt) 8/9, Sergio Barrientos (Colombia) 7.5/9 and Algis Shukuraliev (Kyrgyzstan) 7.5/9.

Here are a selection of Olympiad-centred videos to watch, courtesy of Europe Echecs. Enjoy them!

Russia 1 had one of their biggest scares today, but Nadezhda Kosintseva eventually beat Chelushkina although it looked shaky for the Russian at one point.

One match draw will now ensure the gold for the home team.

The women's chess giants China and Ukraine have moved up to the medal placings when it matters, at the business end of the tournament!

RankCountryMatch pts.Tie-breakGame points.Board 1Other notable scores
1Russia 118295.527.5Tatiana Kosintseva 5.5/8 (perf 2600+)Nadezhda Kosintseva 7.5/9
2China1426725.5Hou Yifan 7/9Ju Wenjun 7.5/9
3Ukraine14262.525.5LahnoGaponenko 6.5/7
6Bulgaria1422221.5StefanovaVelcheva 5/6
7Serbia13237.524.5BojkovicStojanovic 7.5/9
9Poland13214.524.5SockoDworakowska 7/8
10Russia 213209.522PogoninaBodnaruk 5.5/6

As for board prizes, the Kosintseva sisters are leading on both boards one and two!

Other ladies who are doing well individually include Kubra Ozturk (Turkey) 7.5/9 and Jenny Astrid Chirivi (Colombia) 7.5/9 (Poland) and Yaniet Merrero Lopez (Cuba) 7/8.

Starting times for round 10 is as follows:

Khanty Mansiysk 3pm

Moscow 1pm

Paris, Madrid 11am

London 10am

New York 6am

Los Angeles 3am

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Here are a selection of our recent photos:

Leinier Dominguez Perez (Cuba) ©
Top gun on board two: Nadezhda Kosintseva (Russia 1) ©
In good form despite today's setback: Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine) ©
Kamil Miton (Poland) ©
A successful captain: Vladimir Tukmakov (Ukraine) ©
Tanya Sachdev (India) ©
Joanna Dworakowska (Poland) ©
Yuri Shulman (USA) ©
Irene Chelushkina (Serbia) ©
Sopiko Khukhashvili (Georgia) ©
The Muzychuk Sisters: Mariya (Ukraine) and Anna (Slovenia) ©
Sebastian (Tarzan) Feller: France's sharpshooter. ©

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