European Team Championships

Saint Petersburg
Rogaska Slatina in Slovenia is the venue for the 2011 European Team Championships, for both mixed and women's teams. The first round is on the 25th of September and the final one is a week later on the 1st of October. More than half the world's 2700-plus players are present! Alexander Grischuk is top board for the highest seeds Socar, whereas Hou Yifanis leads Monaco in the Women's event.

This is the 27th time the European Club Cup for men has taken place (and the 16th for women). Rogaska Slatina is a health spa also known for it's production of crystal-ware.

The seven round event features 65 teams, with six boards and two reserves.

Seed Team Av. rating Notable players
1 Socar 2720 Mamedyarov, Grischuk
2 SHSM-64 2708 Gelfand, Wang Hao
3 Ekonomist SGSEU Saratov 2699 Moiseenko, Eljanov
4 Saint Petersburg 2698 Svidler, Vitiugov
5 OSG Baden Baden 2695 Adams, Shirov, Bacrot
6 Ugra 2693 Jakovenko

The schedule is as follows:

Day Date Hour Round No.
Sunday september 25th 3pm 1st Round
Monday september 26th 3pm 2nd Round
Tuesday september 27th 3pm 3rd Round
Wednesday september 28th 3pm 4th Round
Thursday september 29th 3pm 5th Round
Friday september 30th 3pm 6th Round
Saturday october 1st 3pm 7th Round
Saturday october 1st 3pm Closing ceremony

The favoured Fide time control for classical chess is the one in use:

90'/40 (+30") then 30' (+30") KO.

The Zero tolerance rule is also being applied, that is a late arrival means an automatic loss by forfeit.

Team prizes
Rank Men Women
1st 12,400 Euro 4,000 Euro
2nd 6,200 Euro 2,000 Euro
3rd 4,650 Euro 1,200 Euro
4th 3,100 Euro 800 Euro
5th 3,100 Euro  
6th 1,550 Euro  

The highest-rated players:

Rank Name Country Rating
1 Ruslan Ponomariov      UKR 2758
2 Alexander Grischuk       RUS 2757
3 Teimour Radjabov       AZE 2752
4 Boris Gelfand      ISR 2746
5 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov       AZE 2746
6 Peter Svidler       RUS 2740
7 Michael Adams       ENG 2733
8 Wang Hao      CHN 2733
9 Nikita Vitiugov      RUS 2726
10 Alexander Moiseenko      UKR 2726
11 Anish Giri      NED 2722
12 Ian Nepomniachtchi      RUS 2718
13 Dmitry Jakovenko      RUS 2716
14 Sergei Movsesian       ARM 2715
15 Alexei Shirov      ESP 2713
16 Baadur Jobava      GEO 2712
17 Fabiano Caruana      ITA 2712
18 Aleksey Dreev      RUS 2711
19 Vladimir Malakhov       RUS 2710
20 Evgeny Tomashevsky      RUS 2710

The highest-rated in the female event:

Rank Name Title Country Rating
1 Hou Yifan GM    CHN 2578
2 Kateryna Lahno GM    UKR 2554
3 Anna Muzychuk  IM    SLO 2545
4 Antoaneta Stefanova  GM    BUL 2528
5 Nana Dzagnidze  GM    GEO 2525
6 Viktorija Cmilyte GM    LTU 2525
7 Elina Danielian  GM    ARM 2517
8 Anna Zatonskih  IM    USA 2508
9 Dronavalli Harika  IM    IND 2505
10 Valentina Gunina  IM    RUS 2499
11 Zhu Chen GM    QAT 2490
12 Monika Socko  GM    POL 2490
13 Pia Cramling  GM    SWE 2489
14 Lilit Mkrtchian IM    ARM 2475
15 Yelena Dembo IM    GRE 2471

More information and live coverage from the Official site:


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