European Club Championship

Economist Sgseu Saratov are European Club Champions. History seemed to repeat itself as Bu won again whilst the other five boards were drawn.
Spartak Vidnoe were ladies champions on tie-break.

The winner of the 25th European club championship was the Russian team Econonmist Sgseu Saratov who won their final match against the Israeli Ashdod Illit Chess Club 3.5-2.5. Five draws and a win by Bu on the fourth board was sufficient.

Mika Yerevan where second. They won comfortably enough 4-2 against Alkaloid Skopje, even though Aronian,L lost on top board to Mamedyarov. SpbChFed Saint-Petersburg drew their encounter against another Russian team Tomsk-400 3-3. Another notable result was that of the Austrian team Husek Wien (lead by Nakamura,H) losing to Ural Svedrdlovskaya 2-4 which meant that Ural squeezed into third place with the help of the 2nd tie-break.

Best individual scorers:

1st Adams,M 2682 6.5/7pts with a useful performance rating of 2863

Michael Adams seems to have regained his form in Ohrid.
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The title in the 14th European Women's Cup went to Spartak Vidnoe ahead of Club d'Echecs de Monte Carlo in second (due to their superior 2nd tie-break) and in 3rd place Samaia Tbilisi (who nosed out Economist Sgseu Saratov on Buchholz, the 3rd tie-break!).

In their match against Radnicki Rudovci, Spartak were not unduly worried on their way to a 3-1 victory. Monte Carlo Club had to win by 3-1, which they did against Bas Beograd, and thus leapt up to second place.

Polonia Votum Wroclaw and Samaia Tbilisi shared the points, the latter team earning the bronze medal by a whisker. Economist Sgseu Saratov won their encounter against Mika Yerevan 2.5-1.5, but this wasn't quite enough to finish on the podium.

Best individual scorers: Lahno,K (2483) 5.5/6pts perf:2772

2nd Koneru,H (2595) 5/6pts perf:2714

3rd Kosintseva,N (2493) 5/7pts perf:2563

The highest overall performance rating was that of Lahno,K 2772.

Katerina Lahno - The highest overall performance in the Women's event.
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