Counting down the hours!

Topalov will be making the first move this afternoon and now the chess world can talk about chess moves rather than behind the scenes manoeuvring!

To be able to follow the match in its entirety, it's a good idea to know the dates and times.

So below is the match schedule, but it's necessary to take into account the time zone in which you live.

Apart from today's game which started two hours later the games will begin at 3pm Eastern European standard time. For those living in Central Europe then the games start oat 2pm, whereas for the UK the games will begin at 1pm.

Saturday 24th of April 2010 17:00 First game
Sunday 25th of April 2010 15:00 Second game
Tuesday 27th of April 2010 15:00 Third game
Wednesday 28th of April 2010 15:00 Fourth game
Friday 30th of Avril 2010 15:00 Fifth game
Saturday 1st of May 2010 15:00 Sixth game
Monday 3rd of May 2010 15:00 Seventh game
Tuesday 4th of May 2010 15:00 Eighth game
Thursday 6th of May 2010 15:00 Ninth game
Friday 7th of May 2010 15:00 Tenth game
Sunday 9th of May 2010 15:00 Eleventh game
Tuesday 11th of Mai 2010 15:00 Twelfth game
Thursday 13th of May 2010- The tie-breaks (if necessary!)

There are sets of two games followed by a rest day until the eleventh game when there is an additional rest day. These so-called rest days are very important for the players who often need to work on getting their openings just right, especially if they have been surprised in a particlular opening.

So the restdays are on the following days:

Monday 26th of Avril, Thursday 29th of Avril, Sunday the 2nd of May, Wednesday the 5th of May, Saturday the 8th of May, Monday the 10th of May and (if required!) Wednesday the 12th of May.

The rate of play is relatively slow compared to most tournaments these days, so there should be plenty of time to calcultae their way through even the most complicated games without getting into serious time trouble.

The players have 120 minutes each for their first 40 moves and then 60 minutes for the subsequent 20 moves. After move 60 the players will have 15 minutes each plus an increment of 30 seconds to complete the game. In practise games will last about seven hours maximum.

The rapid games on the 13th of May will only take place in the case of a 6-6 result. Then four games of 25 minutes plus a ten seconds increment will take place. If this mini-match is drawn then sets of two Blitz games will be used to determine the World Champion. More details on this later if this could come into play. The equivalent of a penalty shoot-out for chessplayers!

For more information official tournament site

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