Clichy almost there!

Vladislav Tkachiev
Clichy won again and are now virtually there, but must avoid a nasty accident against second-placed Marseille in tomorrow's final round. The relegation battle is over with Guingamp, Strasbourg and Rueil Malmaison all sure of going down.

The situation before the tenth round was as follows:


In today's penultimate round Clichy were again in impressive form, whereas Marseille were held again to a 1-1 draw.

Guingamp won, but with Noyon also winning they are still too far behind to save themselves. So Guingamp, Strasbourg and Rueil Malmaison are all condemned to playing in the second division next year.

Here is the situation after the tenth round.


Clichy play Marseille in the final round.

More details about the French league can be obtained from the Federation web-site:

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