Caruana seizes the lead

Fabiano Caruano obtained the two bishops and used them to great effect to pressurize Wesley So. By winning, he overtakes the Phillipino GM and replaces him as the new leader.
The other winner was Maxim Rodshtein.

Caruana didn't seem to have any particular attacking chances with his 'Isolated Queen's Pawn middlegame'. So he switched to queenside pressure where he exploited his lead in development. Wesley So lost a pawn, and then in the process of winning it back, a piece, and then, at the end, his king.

The new leader @ Scacchi.wordpress

Rodshtein's win featured yet another Catalan, where in order to maintain his initiative he sacrificed his queen for rook, minor piece and passed pawn. The pawn proving to be impossible to stop for long.

NameRatingCountryResultNameRatingCountryNo. of Moves
David HowellENG26160.5-0.5Evgeny TomashevskyRUS270816
Maxime Vachier-LagraveFRA27230.5-0.5Dmitry AndreikinRUS265056
Maxim RodshteinISR26091-0Anish GiriNED267239
Parimarjan NegiIND26150.5-0.5Nguyen Ngoc Truong SonVIE261722
Fabiano CaruanaITA26971-0Wesley SoPHI267449

Caruana is ahead of a group of four including today's other winner Israeli GM Maxim Rodshtein.

1stFabiano CaruanaITA26973.5
2nd-5thEvgeny TomashevskyRUS27083
2nd-5thWesley SoPHI26743
2nd-5thDmitry AndreikinRUS26503
2nd-5thMaxim RodshteinISR26093
6th-7thMaxime Vachier-LagraveFRA27232.5
6th-7thNguyen Ngoc Truong SonVIE26172.5
8thAnish GiriNED26722
9thDavid HowellENG26161.5
10thParimarjan NegiIND26151

Top seed Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son are both on 50% with only draws so far.

A second win for Rodshtein @ Chessbase

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