Caruana and Laznicka win

Laznicka a few days ago in Slovenia
There were two decisive results in the first round of the 12th Poikovsky tournament. Victor Laznicka beat Lazaro Bruzon and Fabiano Caruana beat second seed Dmitri Jakovenko. Both of the losers went badly astray just before the time control.

First round results:

White Rating Results Black Rating
Victor Laznicka  2701 1-0 Lazaro Bruzon Batista  2682
Fabiano Caruana  2712  1-0 Dmitry Jakovenko  2716
Sergey Karjakin  2772 ½-½ Alexander Onischuk  2669
Etienne Bacrot  2705 ½-½ Alexander Motylev  2690
Sergey Rublevsky  2681 ½-½ Zahar Efimenko  2703

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