Carlsen stumbles and Ivanchuk retakes the lead

Carlsen's loss to Gashimov in the Blindfold chess and Ivanchuk's 1.5-0.5 over Grischuk has taken the veteran Ukrainian back to the top of the standings.

The seventh round of Blindfold chess was dramatic!

Naturally a bad start to the day for Carlsen who lost to Gashimov, whereas Ivanchuk drew.

So after the Blindfold of the afternoon, matters were all square at the top.

Grischuk catches Carlsen in the standings at this particular discpline.

Vladimir Kramnik (2.5)RUS27901-0Levon Aronian (2.5)ARM2782
Boris Gelfand (3.5)ISR27500.5-0.5Jan Smeets (2)NED2651
Vugar Gashimov (2.5)AZE27401-0Magnus Carlsen (5)NOR2813
Alexander Grischuk (4.5)RUS27560.5-0.5Vassily Ivanchuk (4)UKR2748
Leinier Dominguez Perez (0.5)CUB27130.5-0.5Peter Svidler (2.5)RUS2750
Ruslan Ponomariov (3)UKR27480-1Sergey Karjakin (3.5)RUS2725
Gashimov winning in the blind play against Carlsen
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Ivanchuk's win over Grischuk confirmed his lead in both the Rapidplay and indeed the overall standings with Carlsen making his first draw of the whole tournament.

Karjakin scored the only double of the day over Ponomariov who after a good start is sinking in the standings.

Saturday's Rapid games:

Levon Aronian (2.5)ARM27821-0Vladimir Kramnik (4.5)RUS2790
Jan Smeets (1)NED26510-1Boris Gelfand (3.5)ISR2750
Magnus Carlsen (4)NOR28130.5-0.5Vugar Gashimov (3)AZE2740
Vassily Ivanchuk (4.5)UKR27481-0Alexander Grischuk (2.5)RUS2756
Peter Svidler (3.5)RUS27501-0Leinier Dominguez Perez (1.5)CUB2713
Sergey Karjakin (3)RUS27251-0Ruslan Ponomariov (2.5)UKR2748
Aronian getting his revenge in the rapid play against Kramnik
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RankingSeedNameCountryRatingRapidplay TotalBlindfold TotalOverall Total
17Vassily IvanchukUKR27485.54.510
21Magnus CarlsenNOR28134.559.5
3=6Boris GelfandISR27504.548.5
3=10Sergey KarjakinRUS272544.58.5
52Vladimir KramnikRUS27904.53.58
6=4Alexander GrischukRUS27562.557.5
6=5Peter SvidlerRUS27504.537.5
88Vugar GashimovAZE27403.53.57
93Levon AronianARM27823.52.56
109Ruslan PonomariovUKR27482.535.5
1112Jan SmeetsNED265112.53.5
1211Leinier Dominguez PerezCUB27131.512.5

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