Carlsen rebounds, Shirov slips and Kramnik leads!

After yesterday's unfortunate loss Carlsen bounces back with a win. Shirov threw away his game against Anand in time trouble and drops back to equal second behind Kramnik.
Tomorrow the fire-raising Shirov has a chance to make amends as he has White in the eleventh round against Kramnik.

Shirov again played his pet-line in the Spanish and obtained an excellent position. He might even have won if he hadn't got short of time and went badly astray.

So Anand has won his first game, but hardly in the most convincing of circumstances.

Carlsen wins with Black and inflicts a first defeat on Karjakin. Finally the other winner was Tiviakov who defeated back-marker Smeets.

Kramnik takes the lead even though he only drew. He sacrificed a piece but Ivanchuk survived by giving back some material and at the end had two bishops for a rook and pawns and a dynamic balance was achieved.

Viswanathan AnandIND27901-0Alexei ShirovESP2723C78Spanish Modern Archangel
Sergey TiviakovNED26621-0Jan SmeetsNED2657C43Petroff's Defence
Fabiano CaruanaITA26750.5-0.5Loek van WelyNED2641B85Sicilian Scheveningen
Peter LekoHUN27390.5-0.5Nigel ShortENG2696B03Alekhine Exchange
Leinier DominguezCUB27120.5-0.5Hikaru NakamuraUSA2708B36Sicilian Accelerated Dragon
Sergey KarjakinRUS27200-1Magnus CarlsenNOR2810C11French Classical
Vladimir KramnikRUS27880.5-0.5Vassily IvanchukUKR2749D39Queen's Gambit Vienna

So with only three rounds remaining the winner should come from one of Kramnik (7 points), Carlsen and Shirov (both on 6.5 points).

1Vladimir KramnikRUS27887
2=Magnus CarlsenNOR28106.5
2=Alexei ShirovESP27236.5
4=Viswanathan AnandIND27905.5
4=Vassily IvanchukUKR27495.5
4=Sergey KarjakinRUS27205.5
4=Leinier DominguezCUB27125.5
4=Hikaru NakamuraUSA27085.5
9Peter LekoHUN27395
10=Fabiano CaruanaITA26754
10=Sergey TiviakovNED26624
12=Nigel ShortENG26963.5
12=Loek van WelyNED26413.5
14Jan SmeetsNED26572.5


Reinderman wins to slightly improve his tournament but otherwise it was a draw-rich round.

David HowellENG26060.5-0.5Anna MuzychukSLO2523B22Sicilian Defence
Erwin l'AmiNED26150.5-0.5Liviu-Dieter NisipeanuROM2681E99King's Indian Classical
Dimitri ReindermanNED25731-0Penteala HarikrishnaIND2672A20English Opening
Ni HuaCHN26570.5-0.5Parimarjan NegiIND2621D37Queen's Gambit Declined 5 Bf4
Emil SutovskyISR26660.5-0.5Varuzhan AkobianUSA2628B07Pirc Lion
Tomi NybackFIN26430-1Wesley SoPHI2656D15Slav Chebanenko
Anish GiriNED25880.5-0.5Arkadij NaiditschGER2687D41Queen's Gambit Semi-Tarrasch

Anish Giri stays ahead by half-a-point as just about everyone in contention drew. However Wesley So took the opportunity to join the chasing pack with a black win over out-of-sorts Nyback. Nyback's sacrificial attack fell short against the Phillipino's accurate defence.

1GMAnish GiriNED25887
2=GMNi HuaCHN26576.5
2=GMWesley SoPHI26566.5
2=GMErwin l'AmiNED26156.5
5GMArkadij NaiditschGER26876
6GMParimarjan NegiIND26215.5
7=GMPenteala HarikrishnaIND26725
7=GMDavid HowellENG26065
9=GMEmil SutovskyISR26574.5
9=IMAnna MuzychukSLO25234.5
11GMLiviu-Dieter NisipeanuROM26814
12GMDimitri ReindermanNED25733.5
13GMTomi NybackFIN26433
14GMVaruzhan AkobianUSA26282.5

Group C

Seven decisive games and 0/3 for White in the English Opening! Li Chao-b wins against Swinkels, and as the early leader Robson loses again, it seems that the tournament favourite is well on his way to the C-Group title.

Soumya Swaminathan plays a great combination to down Grandelius.

Soumya SwaminathanIND23231-0Nils GrandeliusSWE2515B90Sicilian Najdorf/Scheveningen
Zhaoqin PengNED24020-1Benjamin BokNED2322A16English Opening
Abhijeet GuptaIND25770-1Kjetil LieNOR2547A42English Opening
Ray RobsonUSA25700-1Robin van KampenNED2456C58Two Knights Defence
Robin SwinkelsNED24950-1Li Chao-bCHN2604A29English Opening
Marya MuzychukUKR24471-0Sjoerd PlukkelNED2279C43Petroff's defence
Stefan KuipersNED23401-0Daniele VocaturoITA2495B96Sicilian Najdorf

The favourite finally makes his way to the top of the pile.

1GMLi Chao-bCHN26047.5
2=GMRay RobsonUSA25706
2=GMDaniele VocaturoITA24956
2=IMRobin SwinkelsNED24956
2=IMRobin van KempenNED24566
6=GMAbhijeet GuptaIND25775.5
6=IMNils GrandeliusSWE25155.5
8=GMKjetil LieNOR25475
8=GMZhaoqin PengNED24025
10=FMStefan KuipersNED23404.5
10=FMBenjamin BokNED23224.5
12WGMMarya MuzychukUKR24474
13WGMSoumya SwaminathanIND23233
14-Sjoerd PlukkelNED22791.5

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