Carlsen downs Anand

Magnus Carlsen has a happy knack of winning when it matters, and so, despite a shaky preliminary phase, it was he who dominated Vishy Anand in the final.
Hammer completed a good final day for the Norwegians in the Arctic Securities tournament by overcoming Polgar in the second game in their battle for the bronze.

The first game of the final demonstrated Carlsen's ability to 'pick at' his opponent's position until something gives way! Pressing to open the game, and in particular Black's king, for his bishop (against Anand's knight), enabled Carlsen to gradually take control.

The final:

Magnus Carlsen1-0 Viswanathan Anand54Neo-Grûnfeld

So with Anand obliged to win the second game, Carlsen settled for a solid opening system.

Viswanathan Anand0.5-0.5Magnus Carlsen28Spanish Breyer

So Carlsen wins the Arctic Chess Stars title and Anand has to settle for second place.

Bronze medal play-off:

Hammer defended solidly in the first game and was never in trouble.

Judit Polgar0.5-0.5Jon Ludvig Hammer45Scotch Four Knights

In the second, Judit didn't handle the black pieces as well, as she lost time and as a consequence control of some key squares. This quickly led to the loss of a central pawn and there was no coming back from this serious blow.

Jon Ludvig Hammer1-0Judit Polgar55Queen's Indian Defence

So Jon Ludvig Hammer takes the bronze medal.

If you missed them earlier, here are the latest videos courtesy of Gérard Demuydt and Robert Fontaine and Europe Echecs.

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Hammer won the second game @ Europe Echecs

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