Carlsen and Kramnik are neck-and-neck!

Magnus Carlsen overcomes Dominguez to catch Kramnik who drew with Shirov.
The top two seeds now head the field.
Anish Giri and Li Chao-b both win and stay ahead in the other groups.
Read on and see some great Videos!

Stamina is important in such a long event and certain players are starting to suffer more than others!

Carlsen and Dominguez had a complicated struggle but Carlsen always had a grip on the centre, so it was no surprise that things fell into place for him.

The other winner was Van Wely who finally got past Tiviakov. The ending with a bishop and a pair of passed pawns for a rook looked for a long time like getting Van Wely nowhere in particular, however he eventually found a way. Perhaps Tiviakov tired and made a fatal error?

Shirov and Kramnik had an interesting struggle where both sides had chances, but according to Kramnik the post-mortem didn't throw up a win.

Ivanchuk-Karjakin involved Black giving a pawn or two in order to get his kingside 'initiative' metamorphasized into an 'attack'. The end led to a nice perpetual.

Smeets-Anand and Nakamura-Leko led to early draws by repetition.

Short-Caruana was somewhat longer but led to the same result.

Jan SmeetsNED26570.5-0.5Viswanathan AnandIND2790B81Sicilian Scheveningen Keres
Loek van WelyNED26411-0Sergey TiviakovNED2662E18Queen's Indian Defence
Nigel ShortENG26960.5-0.5Fabiano CaruanaITA2675B40Sicilian Defence
Hikaru NakamuraUSA27080.5-0.5Peter LekoHUN2739A34English Opening
Magnus CarlsenNOR28101-0Leinier DominguezCUB2712D97Gruenfeld Russian
Vassily IvanchukUKR27490.5-0.5Sergey KarjakinRUS2720E05Catalan Opening
Alexei ShirovESP27230.5-0.5Vladimir KramnikRUS2788C42Petroff's Defence

Kramnik and Carlsen have an extra half-point over Shirov. These are the only realistic winners of the event, however as all three have Black tomorrow there could still be some surprises in store!

1=Magnus CarlsenNOR28107.5
1=Vladimir KramnikRUS27887.5
3Alexei ShirovESP27237
4=Viswanathan AnandIND27906
4=Vassily IvanchukUKR27496
4=Sergey KarjakinRUS27206
4=Hikaru NakamuraUSA27086
8=Peter LekoHUN27395.5
8=Leinier DominguezCUB27125.5
10=Fabiano CaruanaITA26754.5
10=Loek van WelyNED26414.5
11=Nigel ShortENG26964
11=Sergey TiviakovNED26624
14Jan SmeetsNED26573

Here are some videos covering events from the last few rounds.


Anish Giri beats So, and all the other games are drawn. A good day for the leader!

Anna MuzychukSLO25230.5-0.5Erwin l'AmiNED2615C01French Exchange
Arkadij NaiditschGER26870.5-0.5David HowellENG2606C69Spanish Exchange
Wesley SoPHI26560-1Anish GiriNED2588C42Petroff's Defenc
Varuzhan AkobianUSA26280.5-0.5Tomi NybackFIN2643D46Semi-Slav
Parimarjan NegiIND26210.5-0.5Emil SutovskyISR2666B19Caro-Kann
Penteala HarikrishnaIND26720.5-0.5Ni HuaCHN2657D17Slav 6 Ne5
Liviu-Dieter NisipeanuROM26810.5-0.5Dimitri ReindermanNED2573B31Sicilian Rossolimo

Anish Giri is now a full point ahead.

1GMAnish GiriNED25888
2=GMNi HuaCHN26577
2=GMErwin l'AmiNED26157
4=GMArkadij NaiditschGER26876.5
4=GMWesley SoPHI26566.5
6GMParimarjan NegiIND26216
7=GMPenteala HarikrishnaIND26725.5
7=GMDavid HowellENG26065.5
9=GMEmil SutovskyISR26575
9=IMAnna MuzychukSLO25235
11GMLiviu-Dieter NisipeanuROM26814.5
12GMDimitri ReindermanNED25734
13GMTomi NybackFIN26433.5
14GMVaruzhan AkobianUSA26283

Group C

Seven decisive games which means that 20 out of the last 21 games have been decisive! Six Sicilians further demonstrating the fighting spirit in this event!

Benjamin BokNED23221-0Soumya SwaminathanIND2323B96Sicilian Najdorf
Daniele VocaturoITA24951-0Zhaoqin PengNED2402B48Sicilian Taimanov
Sjoerd PlukkelNED22790-1Stefan KuipersNED2340B33Sicilian Scheveningen
Li Chao-bCHN26041-0Marya MuzychukUKR2447B30Sicilian Rossolimo
Robin van KampenNED24561-0Robin SwinkelsNED2495B29Sicilian Nimzovich
Kjetil LieNOR25470-1Ray RobsonUSA2570B23Sicilian Defence
Nils GrandeliusSWE25150-1Abhijeet GuptaIND2577D85Gruenfeld Exchange

Li Chao is looking good for first place however the struggle for second is far from over. Robson wins with Black and Vocaturo makes it 6/6 with White, whereas Van Kampen won the battle of the Robins.

1GMLi Chao-bCHN26048.5
2=GMRay RobsonUSA25707
2=GMDaniele VocaturoITA24957
2=IMRobin van KempenNED24567
5GMAbhijeet GuptaIND25776.5
6IMRobin SwinkelsNED24956
7=IMNils GrandeliusSWE25155.5
7=FMStefan KuipersNED23405.5
7=FMBenjamin BokNED23225.5
10=GMKjetil LieNOR25475
10=GMZhaoqin PengNED24025
12WGMMarya MuzychukUKR24474
13WGMSoumya SwaminathanIND23233
14-Sjoerd PlukkelNED22791.5

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