Both games drawn in Bilbao

Two radically different games, but the same result!
Kramnik maintains his lead after getting the better of a positional game with the Black pieces, while Anand stays second after a wild tussle with Shirov.

Kramnik didn't seem particularly ruffled by Carlsen playing the English Opening like a reverse Dragon. With his space advantage the former World Champion was able to create sufficient play to win a pawn, but Carlsen defended the rook ending accurately and held the draw.

Shirov-Anand, but today the colours were reversed © official site

Shirov played the provocative McClutcheon variation where he induced Anand into complications. The Indian started chomping into Black's kingside while allowing Black to make progress elsewhere. At one point Anand spurned a draw by repetition, but Shirov gave up his rooks to get his c-pawn through to the promotion square which forced a perpetual check.

Fourth round summary:

NameRatingCountryResultNameRatingCountryOpeningNo. Moves
Magnus Carlsen2826NOR0.5-0.5Vladimir Kramnik2780RUSEnglish Opening73
Viswanathan Anand2800IND0.5-0.5Alexei Shirov2749ESPFrench McClutcheon38

So Kramnik's 'plus two' with two rounds to play stands him in good stead, but he still has to play Anand (albeit with White) and the unpredictable Shirov (with Black) a second time, so he'll still have some work to do if he is to win the Masters.

StandingPlayer (World ranking)RatingAgeCountry1W1B2W2B3W3B4W4BScore (Bilbao)Score (Standard)
1Vladimir Kramnik (5)278035RUSXX-=1-1=83
2Viswanathan Anand (3)280040IND=-XX==-162.5
3Alexei Shirov (12)274938ESP-0==XX=-31.5
4Magnus Carlsen (1)282619NOR=00--=XX21

As a reminder, here is a summary of the earlier rounds:

Round 1:

Alexei Shirov2749ESP0.5-0.5Viswanathan Anand 2800INDSpanish Berlin41
Vladimir Kramnik2780RUS1-0Magnus Carlsen 2826NORQueen's Indian Defence45

Round 2:

Magnus Carlsen2826NOR0-1Viswanathan Anand2800INDSpanish Berlin45
Vladimir Kramnik2780RUS1-0Alexei Shirov2749ESPSlav Defence41

Round 3:

Alexei Shirov2749ESP0.5-0.5Magnus Carlsen2826NORSpanish Breyer174
Viswanathan Anand2800IND0.5-0.5Vladimir Kramnik2780RUSCatalan opening34

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