Big changes in the new ELO ratings!

Viswanathan Anand is the World's No.1 for now, with Levon Aronian close behind in third. Sandwiched between them however is Magnus Carlsen, who has dropped to second, but with his recent success in Nanjing could be set to take back the top spot in January.

In the November ranking list there have been some big changes at the top, with the first five shuffling around. Twelve of the 39 players have their career highest rating including several of the younger players. However the most notable of all is the case of Viswanathan Anand who has achieved his career best at age of 40.

Curiously enough I noticed earlier today that both a good friend of mine and myself also achieved our highest ever rating at the ripe old age of forty!

Carlsen: down to No.2, but for how long? (chessanytime)
Aronian: The newest member of the 2800 club (chessanytime)
Kramnik: up to fourth place (Bilbao official site)
Topalov: in poor form (chessanytime)
Grischuk: Career highest and up a place to sixth (Chessanytime)

Here is a detailed list of the 2700 plus players:

RankingPrevious RankingNameCountryAgeRating 1/11/10Rating 1/9/10Rating 1/7/10Rating 1/5/10Rating 1/3/10Career Highest
13Viswanathan AnandIND40280428002800278927872804
21Magnus CarlsenNOR19280228262826281328132826
34Levon AronianARM28280127832783278327822801
45Vladimir KramnikRUS35279127802790279027902811
52Veselin TopalovBUL35278628032803281228052813
67Alexander GrischukRUS27277127602760276027562771
79Vassily IvanchukUKR41276427542739274127482787
88Shakhriyar MamedyarovAZE25276327562761276327602763
914Sergey KarjakinRUS20276027472747273927252760
1016Wang YueCHN23275627322716275227492756
1111Ruslan PonomariovUKR27274427492734273327372749
1213Teimour RadjabovAZE23274427482748274027402761
136Pavel EljanovUKR27274227612755275127362761
1410Boris GelfandISR42274127512739274127502761
1515Hikaru NakamuraUSA23274127332729273327352741
1612Alexei ShirovESP38273727492749274227372755
1726Vugar GashimovAZE24273327192719273427402759
1822Wang HaoCHN21272727242724272227152727
1935Gata KamskyUSA36272627052713270227022745
2030Radoslaw WojtaszekPOL23272627112663266326602726
2119Dmitry JakovenkoRUS27272627262726272527252760
2218Michael AdamsENG38272327282706269727042755
2317Peter SvidlerRUS34272227312734273527502765
2423Sergei MovsesianSVK31272127232723271727092751
2533Zoltan AlmasiHUN34272127072717272527202725
2634Ian NepomniachtchiRUS20272027062706269526562720
2721Peter LekoHUN31271727242734273527352763
2829Leinier Dominguez PerezCUB27271627162716271327132721
2928Etienne BacrotFRA27271527162720271027142731
3020Vladimir MalakhovRUS29271227252732272227212732
3137Fabiano CaruanaITA18270927002697267526802709
3227Laurent FressinetFRA29270927182697268926702718
3332Nikita Vitiugov RUS23270927092722270727102722
3424David NavaraCZE25270827222731271827082731
3531Baadur JobavaGEO26270727102710271526952715
3625Maxime Vachier-LagraveFRA20270327212723271027272730
37-Zahar EfimenkoUKR25270126832689267726402701
38-Evgeny AlekseevRUS24270126912691270027002703
3938Alexander MorozevichRUS33270027002715271527152788

There are two new entries Efimenko, for the first time, and Alekseev. The only player to have dropped below the magic 2700 mark is Evgeny Tomashevsky.

Ivanchuk: the Olympic champion has been in great form recently (Chessanytime)
Mamedyarov: still improving (Chessanytime)
Sergey Karjakin: Career highest and only 20 (Chessanytime)
Wang Yue: Good form has taken him to tenth, but his poor Nanjing showing will peg him back (Chessanytime)
Gashimov: bouncing back (Europe Echecs)
Wojtaszek: up ten places (Chessanytime)

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