Astrakhan Grand Prix

Starting today until the 25th of May, we'll be following the latest event in the FIDE Grand Prix series which is taking place in Astrakhan. This fourteen player closed tournament will be one of the strongest this year with Mamedyarov being the highest rated player present.

The two leading players from the whole series earn their qualification places for the next Candidates event. Aronian didn't bother playing this time as he has already done enough to book his place.

One place remains and Radjabov is the best placed, but winning here could give many of the others a sporting chance.

Teimour Radjabov, the man to catch. @ official site

Twelve of the fourteen players are 2700 or more.

Actual World rankingNameCountryRatingGrand Prix Ranking
43Vladimir AkopianArmenia269417
37Evgeny AlekseevRussia270015
9Pavel EljanovUkraine275119
17Vugar GashimovAzerbaijan27345
11Boris GelfandIsrael27419
61Ernesto InarkievRussia266920
12Vassily IvanchukUkraine27418
21Dmitry JakovenkoRussia27257
16Peter LekoHungary27356
6Shakhriyar MamedyarovAzerbaijan276310
18Ruslan PonomariovUkraine2733-
13Teimour RadjabovAzerbaijan27402
15Peter SvidlerRussia273513
8Wang YueChina27524

The first round games saw only one win, Gashimov trapping Ivanchuk's queen.

Vugar Gashimov (2734) - Vassily Ivanchuk (2741) Astrakhan (1st round) 10.05.2010

Ivanchuk resigned as his queen will be trapped in a couple of moves.


Here are more details:

Game No.NameRatingResultNameRating
1Eljanov Pavel27510.5-0.5Svidler Peter2735
2Akopian Vladimir26940.5-0.5Gelfand Boris2741
3Mamedyarov Shakhriyar27630.5-0.5Jakovenko Dmitry2725
4Gashimov Vugar27341-0Ivanchuk Vassily2741
5Wang Yue27520.5-0.5Leko Peter2735
6Alekseev Evgeny27000.5-0.5Radjabov Teimour2740
7Inarkiev Ernesto26690.5-0.5Ponomariov Ruslan2733

Astrakhan is at the northern end of the Caspian sea at the mouth of the Volga river and is three hours ahead of London, two ahead of Paris.

For more information on the event official tournament site

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