Aronian takes the first scalp

The players (official site)
In the first round, Levon Aronian's victory over Francisco Vallejo Pons was the only 'three-pointer'. He played aggressively and broke up Black's kingside with a sacrificial attack, eventually winning an endgame with five pawns for a piece. The other two games were both dry draws.

The first round summary:

The table after one round takes into account the Sofia rules: 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, but the traditional scoring system can be found in brackets.

The official site for additional information and live games.

Note these times if you want to follow the live games:

3pm Sao Paulo

8pm (Paris)

7pm (London)

10pm (Moscow)

2pm (New York)

10am (Los Angeles)

4am (Sydney)

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