Another young gun!

Dragon Sicilian Yugoslav Attack 9 0-0-0 d5 10 exd5 with ...Bxd4 [B76] with GM Chris Ward

Well, first it was Magnus Carlsen and now these days it appears to be another young gun, Hikaru Nakamura, extolling the virtues of the Dragon. Here on ChessPublishing we all know how trendy the 12...Bxd4 line is and with the likes of Peter Heine-Nielsen employing it successfully against strong players Black was already holding his own. No need then for a novelty but along comes the natural looking 15...Rb8!? in Kamsky-Nakamura:

Diagram after 15...Rb8!?

An interesting game sees Black get his fair share of chances in the draw whilst Gawain's suggestion of 16...Qxh2!? looks quite promising too. As my co-host observes though, surely we will see 16 Rhe1 replaced with 16 h4 in the future.

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