Anand dominates Shirov

Alexei Shirov
Viswanathan Anand leads by 3-1 after two days play in the 2011 Masters. Alexei Shirov's early aggression in their third game rebounded on him as Black's pieces sprang to life with White's king still stuck in the centre. Their fourth game was a quiet positional affair where Shirov managed to equalize effectively.

Alexei Shirov has not been in particularly good form in the last year, but can always be counted on to be entertaining. However his efforts at seeking complications have so far been thwarted by the World Champion's precise play and mastery of all types of position.

In game 4 he was more successful with a cautious defensive display that at least stopped the rot.

Tomorrow he will need to win both games to catch Anand.

The games are 60' plus 30" per move. One characteristic of the series of matches in Léon is that the players have access to computers during their games. This particularity is referred to as Advanced chess.

The final pair of games will be tomorrow afternoon.

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