Anand cruises to victory

Viswanathan Anand completed his victory over Alexei Shirov 4.5-1.5 in the 2011 Advanced chess Leon Masters. He was never in difficulty in the match and his three wins were most convincing.

Anand again outplayed Shirov in a Caro-Kann, and finished off with a dramatic attack that ensnared Shirov's king in a mating net.

In the sixth game, Shirov was again able to equalize in the Semi-Slav and exchanges led play to a drawn rook endgame.

The games are 60' plus 30" per move. One characteristic of the series of matches in Léon is that the players have access to computers during their games. This particularity is referred to as Advanced chess.

The final pair of games will be tomorrow afternoon.

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