All draws in the Kings

There were no wins in the King's tournament in Medias, Romania today, but Magnus Carlsen pushed Radjabov all the way in a slightly superior endgame.
Yesterday's victors Boris Gelfand and Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu stay ahead.

The leaders shared the point in a slightly odd Queen's Gambit Accepted. At the end Gelfand had two bishops against a pair of knights in a somewhat double-edged position, and both sides perhaps have winning chances. I presume that neither of them wanted to risk their good start in a risky time scramble.

Wang Yue against Ruslan Ponomariov was a rather dry affair with Black more-or-less equalizing and White flogging a dead horse for quite sometime before accepting the inevitable.

Ponomariov: two Catalans, two draws.

Here are some further details:

WhiteRatingCountryResultBlackRatingCountryNo. MovesOpening
Boris Gelfand2752ISR0.5-0.5Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu2672ROU32Queen's Gambit Accepted
Teimour Radjabov2740AZE0.5-0.5Magnus Carlsen 2813NOR72Sicilian defence
Wang Yue2752CHN0.5-0.5Ruslan Ponomariov2733UKR40Catalan opening

Radjabov tried 2.Nc3 and 3.Bb5 against the Sicilian but didn't obtain anything special out of the opening. A series of skirmishes led to a simplified pseudo-ending of 'Rook, Bishop and three pawns against Rook, Knight and three' where Carlsen's passed pawn gave him some chances but Radjabov held firm.

NameCountryRatingPre-tournament rating changeWorld Rankingpoints
Boris GelfandISR2741-9111.5
Liviu-Dieter NisipeanuROU2672+11591.5
Magnus CarlsenNOR2813-11
Ruslan PonomariovUKR2733-4181
Wang YueCHN2752+380.5
Teimour RadjabovAZE2740-130.5

The third round games can be followed tomorrow live at 1.30 pm (London), 2.30 pm (Paris) or 3.30 pm local time.

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