A Feast of Black Wins in Poikovsky!

Dmitry Jakovenko takes sole lead by beating Alexander Motylev, whereas Alexander Riazantsev loses an exciting battle against Sergey Karjakin.
Karjakin thus overtakes his opponent and is in second place alone.
There were some mouthwatering games today with Black getting the upper hand in three of them.

Riazantsev played in aggressive style by sacrificing first a pawn and then a piece in order to chase Black's king. Karjakin was however able to walk his monarch across, and then up the board, and his king eventually became a powerful piece. A fascinating tussle, and yet another entertaining display from Riazantsev.

Dmitry Jakovenko was involved in a double-edged struggle against Motylev who provoked some complications that proved to be unsound for him.

Sergei Rublevsky and Ivan Sokolov had a lively line in the Scotch Mieses where Sokolov was able to advance his d-pawn until it cost the Russian a piece.

Rublevsky's second loss with White.

Baadur JobavaGeorgia27150.5-0.5Arkadij NaiditschGermany2686
Alexander OnischukUSA26990.5-0.5Nikita VitiugovRussia2707
Alexander RiazantsevRussia26740-1Sergey KarjakinRussia2739
Emil SutovskyIsrael26610.5-0.5Victor BologanMoldavia2668
Sergei RublevskyRussia27040-1Ivan SokolovBosnia-Herzegovina2654
Alexander MotylevRussia27040-1Dmitry JakovenkoRussia2725

Jakovenko must be happy about his situation, but Karjakin probably still has aspirations about winning the tournament.

The leader shares a joke @ official site

Three players are on positive scores, Jakovenko on +3, Karjakin on +2 and Riazantsev on +1. After that five players are on 50%.

PositionNameCountryRatingWorld rankingAgePoints after eight rounds
1stDmitry JakovenkoRUS272521265.5
2ndSergey KarjakinRUS273914205
3rdAlexander RiazantsevRUS267458244.5
4th-8thBaadur JobavaGEO271526264
4th-8thNikita VitiugovRUS270732234
4th-8thArkadij NaiditschGER268647244
4th-8thVictor BologanMDA266864384
4th-8thEmil SutovskyISR266175324
9th-10thAlexander OnischukUSA269938343.5
9th-10thIvan SokolovBIH265483413.5
11th-12thAlexander MotylevRUS270434303
11th-12thSergei RublevskyRUS270433353

With three rounds to go the eventual winner will almost certainly come from the leading three players.

You can follow the games live on Live games

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A rough ride today, but he finished on top @ official site

The ninth round will start tomorrow (Friday) at 10am (London), 11am (Paris) or 3pm (local time).

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