A bad day for Russia

The principal home teams fared badly in the Open section with Russia 1 losing to Hungary and Russia 2 to Armenia. Their victors, plus Georgia, lead with five match wins out of five.
Only one player has 5/5 in the open event, do you know who?
Ukraine and Russia (1) lead the Women's event. See the VIDEOS!

Armenia's 2.5-1.5 victory over Russia 2 came about because of three draws and a win by Pashikian over Timofeev.

Kramnik rested, only to see his team lose with Grischuk going down to Leko and three draws.

Georgia burst the Vietnamese bubble with Jobava winning again, this time against Le Quang Liem.

Here is a brief summary of the leading teams:

CountryMatch pts.Game points.Board 1Other notable scores
Georgia1017.5Jobava 4/5Pantsulaia 4/5
Armenia1015AronianPashikian 4/5
Hungary1013.5LekoPolgar 4/5
Ukraine915.5Ivanchuk 4/4!Efimenko 4.5/5
Netherlands913Van WelyAnish Giri 4.5/5
Russia 2815.5Nepomniachtchi
Czech rep.815.5NavaraLaznicka 4/5
Azerbaijan815MamedyarovGuseinov 4.5/5
Poland815WojtaszekMiton 4/4
USA814.5NakamuraKamsky 4/5
Russia 1814Kramnik
Estonia813.5KulaotsVolodin 4/5
Vietnam813Le Quang Liem
Russia 3812.5Jakovenko

It's amazing that Russia's third team still has a 2700+ player heading the line-up!

Here's the video to watch! Courtesy of Europe Echecs.

Ivanchuk's 4/4 on top board is rather exceptional, particularly as he just beat Ivan Sokolov who previously had 4/4 for Bosnia.

The only player with 5/5 is Nils Grandelius of Sweden.

In comparison, in the Women's event two players still have perfect scores of 5/5 (as you can see in the following table of the leading teams if you look hard enough!).

CountryMatch pts.Game points.Board 1Other notable scores
Ukraine1016LahnoGaponenko 4/5 M.Muzychuk 4/5
Russia 11015Tatiana KosintsevaNadezhda Kosintseva 4/5
USA915Krush 4.5/5
Hungary914Hoang Thanh TrangMadl 4/5 Vajda 4/5
Georgia816DzagnidzeMelia 4.5/5
Poland816SockoMajdan-Gajewska 4.5/5
Russia 3815.5Kovanova 5/5!
India815HarikaKaravade 4.5/5
Armenia815Danielian 4.5/5Mkrtchian 4/5
Germany815PaehtzFuchs 4/5
China814.5Hou Yifan 4/5Ju Wenjun 4/5
Russia 2813Pogonina
Italy812.5SedinaZimina 5/5!

So the Ukraine and Russia 1 lead and they will naturally meet in the sixth round. The USA and Hungary are only just behind, noting the impressive showing of Irina Krush on top board for the Americans.

There are as many as twelve teams on 8 points.

The first rest day is tomorrow with the next games being on Monday.

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Here are a selection of our recent photos:

Zoltan Almasi: On the winning team! ©chessanytime.com
Viktor Bologan (Moldova) ©chessanytime.com
Nakamura heads the US team ©chessanytime.com
Olga Zimina: a perfect first week! ©chessanytime.com
Lilit Galojan (Armenia)©chessanytime.com
Pogonina (Russia 2) ©chessanytime.com

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